I’ve Missed You!

Hello and Happy Monday!

I’m so sorry I’ve been absent!  I’ve been “disconnected” for almost a week!  The first part of the week wasn’t so fun – I was in the hospital for a few days.  But I’m out now, and the last part of the week was a lot better – I got to spend a few days in Ocean City, Maryland and Rehobath Beach, Delaware with my family!

Now, time at the beach each summer has been a tradition in our family since I was young.  My parents both worked a lot but during the summer for at least a few days or a week we would drop everything and come to Ocean City.  Our favorite things included the beach, of course, the waterpark (Jolly Rogers at 30th Street & Coastal Highway) and eating Maryland blue shell crabs.  Even though we were from Pennsylvania, my grandfather was an avid crabber and would go crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay.  In the heyday of crabbing, you used to go and catch bushels of crabs to bring home and he’d do just that. He’d get 2-3 bushels, bring them home and steam them and we’d have an extended family get-together and eat crabs.  While none of us crab anymore, we continue that tradition of eating each year when we go to the beach.  In fact, I had crabs all three nights at this trip to the beach – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday we ate at Higgins Crab House at 131st Street & Coastal Highway.  On Saturday we enjoyed Phillips Seafood Buffet at 141st Street & Coastal Highway.  Last night we went to Waterman’s, which off and on for the past 15 years has been our family favorite destination.  It’s located along US-50 in West Ocean City.

Here is a picture of my dad, sister, brother-in-law, and their four kids getting ready to eat crabs.  Only my right elbow made it in the picture and mom is taking the picture!

ImageSo please accept my hunger for crabs and a trip to the beach after a short hospital stay as my excuse for being “missing in action” for the past few days!  I’ll be back later this evening with my Top 3 for June 23rd and also this week with some new, fun projects!

I missed you all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Have a wonderful week!

Let’s stamp the day (and night) away!



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